Late 2010 Macbook Pro 15” & Permahealing Massage

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Hoje cuidámos do Late 2010 Macbook Pro 15” de um amigo e apoiante do projecto permabio. Este é um computador muito bem estimado mas que aos olhos e feeling do génio da maçã tinha certamente muito que limpar pois nunca tinha sido feito este tipo de intervenção. Foi um trabalho de limpeza interna e externa que demorou cerca de 3 horas a ficar concluído. Esta máquina encontra-se linda e brilhante mas extremamente lenta e muito aquém do seu potencial devido ao velhinho HDD interno. Recomenda-se a migração para um SSD para dar um boost na fantástica máquina.

Este amigo ainda aproveitou para usufruir de uma massagem permahealing para que no fim do dia homem e máquina ficassem lindos e brilhantes! 😉

Today we took care of a Late 2010 Macbook Pro 15” that belongs to a friend and supporter of the permabio project. This is a well taken care of machine, but at the eyes and feeling of the Apple’s Genie, It had a lot to be cleaned. That was the first time for this kind of intervention. It was an internal and external cleaning that took almost 3 hours to complete. At the moment this machine is sparkling shiny but very slow because of the old HD Drive inside. We recommend that the HD gets upgraded to an SSD so that this beautiful machine can run at it’s full potencial.

This friend also got the opportunity to enjoy a permahealing project massage. At the end of the day, both machine and man left sparkling shiny! 😉

Feedback do Cliente / Client’s Feedback: “As a mac owner, I do everything I can to keep my machine as clean as possible and functioning as it should. So, when I handed my almost 5 year old ‘baby’ over to Génio da Maçã for what I thought would be just a minor clean, I was rather shocked, to say the least. It certainly wasn’t at all in the state that I’d expected. However, what was even more shocking was to see the virtually brand new looking Macbook Pro that was handed back to me. It looked absolutely amazing, both inside and out. Thank you  Génio da Maçã!” – Jyri Manninen



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