Feliz Yule e Boas Entradas no Novo Ano

Somos gratos pelos poucos, mas grandes amigos que acreditam no nosso trabalho, pelos amigos e familiares que nos permitem ajudar a manter ou a fazer evoluir o projecto permabio e pelos que nos bastidores, nos recomendam investem em nós e nos valorizam. Desejamos a todos os que nos acompanham nesta curta viagem, umas Boas Festas, um Feliz Yule e umas Boas Entradas no novo ano.

Por curiosidade, Deixamo-vos duas representações e alguns excertos sobre um “Pai Natal” pré-cristão, que se tratava na realidade do Deus Nórdico, Odin! 😉

“Norse stories existed of Odin flying through the sky on a cart pulled by his 8-legged flying horse, visiting homes at night and leaving gifts for children in their boots.”

“Consider what Santa Claus would have meant to our earlier ancestors.  Santa symbolized facing hardship (for winter is a time of great hardship in agrarian societies) with protection, abundance, generosity, and joy.  These same qualities were also inherent in the writings of Odin, who was not merely the god of war, but also of poetry and wisdom, and the embodiment of gift giving and heroic stoicism”

“Odin was known for taking on many forms, and had many names. But one of the more popular forms he used most was that of an old, white-bearded traveler clad in a cloak and broad-brimmed hat or hood. Odin used this attire as a disguise while he traversed the nine worlds seeking knowledge”